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Symptoms of Pleural Thickening from Asbestos Exposure

The pleura is the lining that coats your lungs, providing a layer of added protection. It is a serous membrane. Certain lung diseases can increase the overall thickness of the pleura, which frequently is a direct result of some sort of trauma or irritation.


Pleural thickening, unlike pleural plaques, aren’t singularly caused by exposure to asbestos, however, many cases are directly linked. Asbestos is tiny material that cannot be caught by the lung’s natural filtration system due to its microscopic size -- they can come to rest in the body, causing inflammation, which can result in all kinds of health issues, including mesothelioma.


Health Effects of Pleural Thickening


  • Trouble Breathing & Shortness of Breath - The thickening of the membranes can constrict the lungs, resulting in difficulty breathing. You can experience this strain on your breath during exercise, or even while working to complete simple tasks.

  • Lingering Cough - Coughing and wheezing are also the health effects of pleural thickening. Coughing fits can occur suddenly and without warning, and can often be a present possibility at all times.

  • Chest Pain - Pain in your chest is never anything to ignore -- such as the case with those who have been repeatedly exposed to asbestos in past work or home environments. Pleural thickening can get thick enough to cause discomfort.

  • and more

Certain medications available by a prescription from a trusted medical professional can often help deal with the symptoms of pleural thickening and COPD. Speak to your family doctor and construct a plan to help deal with these issues.


Testing for asbestos has never been more important. As you can see, the results of exposure can be extremely problematic. Speak with an associate at EMSL Analytical, Inc. today and ask about our asbestos testing solutions available to clients throughout the United States.


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